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Stem Cell Technology

Skin rejuvenation methods and techniques have significantly improved in the past 10 years. From lotions, to creams, to even surgery, people have figured out ways to improve the quality of the skin almost overnight. Fortunately, scientists have discovered a new method to regenerate and regrow new skin cells without having to go to doctors for…

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3 Natural Skincare Ingredients That Work Like Magic

Most of us stick to the basics when it comes to skin care. We stay hydrated by drinking enough water, we stay away from cigarettes, and we drink alcohol in moderation. However, most of us fail to get the healthy, hydrated, glowing skin we truly desire because we’re not taking in the right nutrients. Since…

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The Ultimate ‘4 Ingredient’ All-Natural Face Mask

One of the biggest secrets in skincare is the use of watermelons. This may seem kind of wacky and crazy, but watermelon facial masks have been used for decades now to help people with any skin type prevent issues like acne, age spots, and premature aging. You might be wondering how watermelons hold the nutrients…

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